Lista de Micro-ordenadores que ejecutan CP/M


Existen cientos de micro-ordenadores que han utilizado CP/M. A continuación se mencionan los más importantes desde el punto de vista histórico:

Ai Electronics ABC-24 / ABC-26 (Japan, corriendo CP/M y M/PM)
Action Computer Enterprises ACE-1000
Actrix Computer Corp. Actrix (Access Matrix)
Advanced Digital Corporation Super Six
Allen Bradley Advisor - Controlador Industrial Programable controlado por GUI
Alphatronic P2, P3 (5 MB harddisc)
MITS Altair 8800
Altos 580
Amada Aries 222/245 CNC turret punch press
Amstrad CPC 464 (w/DDI-1 disk drive interface), 664, 6128, 6128Plus
Amstrad PCW 8256/8512/9512
Amust Executive 816
Apple II (con Microsoft Z-80 SoftCard)
Aster CT-80
Atari 800 and XL/XE (con modulo ATR8000, LDW Super 2000, CA-2001 o Indus GT disk drives expandidos a 64k)
Atari ST
AT&T 6300 con upgrade a 3 CPU.
AT&T 6300 PLUSBBC Micro (con external Z80 module)
Beehive Topper II
Bondwell 12, 14BT Merlin M4000 series based on Logica Kennett (Concurrent CP/M-86) Camputers Lynx (96k/128k models)
Casio FP1000 FL
Challenger III - Ohio Scientific OSI-CP/MCIP04 - Rumano
CoBra - Rumanía, clon de Coleco Adam (con CP/M digital data pack)
Comart Communicator (CP/M-80), C-Frame, K-Frame, Workstation and Quad (Concurrent CP/M-86)
Commodore 64 (con el infame Z80 plug-in cartridge)
Commodore 128
Compaq Portable - disponible con CP/M de fábrica
Cub-Z - Rumano
Datamax UV-1RData Soft PCS 80 and VDP 80 (Francia, 1977)
Data Technology Industries "Associate" (USA, 1982)
DEC Rainbow-100/100+ (funciona con CP/M y CP/M-86)
DEC VT180 (aka Personal Computing Option, aka 'Robin')
Digital Group DG1
Epson PX-4, PX-8 (Geneva), QX-10, QX-16
Exidy Sorcerer
Eagle Computer Eagle I, II, III, IV, V
ELWRO 800 Junior POLONIA clon Sinclair ZX spectrum -- running CP/J, a CP/M derivado con funciones de red
Enterprise 128 (con EXDOS/IS-DOS)
Ferguson Big Board
FK-1 - Czech microcomputer
Franklin ACE 1000 (with Microsoft Z-80 SoftCard)
General Processor GPS5 (Italy, running CP/M 86 - Concurrent CP/M 86)
General Processor Model T (Italy, 1980 running CP/M 80)
Grundy NewBrain
Genie II, IIs, III, IIIs
Goupil G3
G.Z.E. UNIMOR Bosman 8 (Poland, 1987 running CPM/R, CP/M 2.2 compatible)
Gemini 801 and Gemini Galaxy (UK, 1981-1983 running CP/M 2.2 and MP/M) HBN Computer (Le) Guépard
Heath/Zenith H90 and H89
Hewlett-Packard HP-85 / HP-87 (with addition of CP/M Module containing Z80)
Hewlett-Packard HP-125 and HP-120, one Z80 each for CP/M and the inherent HP terminal
Holborn 6100
Holborn 9100 (Netherlands, 1981)
Husky Computers Ltd Hunter (1 and 2, 16), Hawk
Ibex 7150 and other models
ICL PC Quattro
IMSAI 8080
IMSAI VDP-80 (8085 3MHz)
Intel MDS-80
Intertec Superbrain
Iskra Delta Partner
Ivel Ultra
JET-80 (Swedish Made Computer)
Juku E5101–E5104 came with an adaptation of CP/M called EKDOS
Korvet (Корвет) — Soviet PC
LOBO Max-80
Logica VTS Kennet (Concurrent CP/M-86)LOS 25 (10 MB harddisc)
Luxor ABC 802, ABC 806 (Sweden, 1981)
MCP (128K, Z80, S-100 bus)
Applied Technology MicroBee (56KB+ RAM models)
Megatel Quark
Micromation M/System, Mariner and MiSystem
Micromint SB180 (Hitachi HD64180 CPU)
Morrow Designs (MD2, MD3, MD11)
MSX (some MSX-standard machines ran the CP/M-like MSX-DOS)
Mycron 3
Nabu Network PC
Nascom 1, 2
NCR Decision mate V
NEC PC-8001 MK2NEC PC-8801
Nelma PersonaNorthStar Advantage (all in one computer)
NorthStar Horizon (S-100)
Nokia MikroMikko 1
NYLAC Computers
OKI IF-800 (Z80 5MHz) Second Z80 on video controller
Olivetti ETV300
Olivetti M20 (CP/M-8000)
Osborne 1
Osborne Executive
Osborne Vixen
Otrona Attaché
Otrona Attaché 8:16
Philips P2000T
Philips 3003/3004
Pied Piper
Polymorphic Systems 8813
Processor Technology Sol-20 (optional)
Quasar Data Products QDP-300
RAIR "Black Box" (also ran MP/M)
Research Machines 380Z and LINK 480Z
Rex Computer Company REX 1
Robotron A 5120
Robotron KC 85
Robotron PC 1715
Royal Business Machines 7000 "Friday"
SAGE II / IV CP/M-68KSAM Coupé - (Pro-Dos = CP/M 2.2)
Samsung SPC-1000Sanyo MBC families (i.e. MBC-1150)SBS 8000
Seequa Chameleon
Sharp MZ- seriesSirius 1 (sold in the U.S. as the Victor 9000)
Software Publisher's ATR8000
Sony SMC-70
Sord CP/M as an option for the 8 bit models, CP/M-68K standard for the M68/M68MX
Spectravideo SV-318/328
Stride 400 series CP/M-68K was one of many operating systems on these
ZX Spectrum +3 (built by Amstrad)
Tandy TRS-80 Model II, Model 4, Model 4P
Technical Design Labs (TDL) XITAN
TeleData (Z80 Laptop)
Telenova Compis (CP/M-86)
Teleputer III
Televideo TS-80x Series
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (with the MorningStar CP/M card or the Foundation CP/M card)
Timex FDD3000 (on Z-80 CPU) with ZX Spectrum as terminal.
Toshiba T100
Triumph-Adler Royal AlphaTronic PC (CPU was an Hitachi Z-80 clone)
Tycom Microframe
Unitron 8000, a dual processor machine built São Paulo in the early 1980s. The Unitron could boot either as an Apple II clone (using a clone 6502 processor) or in CP/M (using the Z80).
Vector-06C (Intel 8080, 16 color graphics, made in USSR)
Vector Graphic Vector Graphic Corporation Vector Model 1,2 (Internal Model),3, Model 4 (Z80 & 8088 CP/M, CP/M-86 & PCDOS), Model 10 (Multiuser)
Victor 9000 (sold as the Sirius 1 in Europe)
Visual Technology (Lowell, Ma) 1050, 1100 (Not Released)
WaveMate Bullet
Welect 80.2 (France, 1982)
Xerox 820
Xerox Sunrise 1800 / 1805
Yodobashi Formula-1
Zenith Data Systems Z89 (aka Heathkit H89)
Zenith Data Systems Z-100